Outdoor Living and Entertainment Spaces

I love to look through Home and Garden magazines and blogs and look at what people are doing with their Outdoor Living Spaces.  It seems to be the latest rage to have an outdoor living space that mimics a cozy living room or a fun recreation room.

I found a great blog called DigsDigs and they wrote a post with 25 great living space ideas!

Check out some of their finds below:

This  grand fireplace is a great example of a popular trend of having an outdoor “living room” –  I love how warm and inviting the space is and the large stone wall and staircase makes the scale of the fireplace less dramatic.


Outdoor kitchens are another request we are starting to hear more and more – one of my favourite summer activities is eating a barbecued meal outside on the deck on a warm evening – many nights at my house we end up sitting around the outdoor dining table hours after we’ve finished our meal.

I like that this outdoor kitchen is somewhat sheltered from the elements of being outdoors.  I also love the storage areas and the tile back splash - again a very “inside-outside” feel to this space.

One of the most common entertainment spaces that we work on at Rockscape is what we call Sports Pavilions. Our friends at Tamarack North often build accessory buildings that are a part of a sports court. These buildings often include a living space, a kitchen, work-out rooms, pool tables, ping pong tables and more!


This sports Pavilion includes a lawn area for Wiffle Ball, as well as an extensive open air work-out room with a nearby hot tub.

This is a Pavilion that we worked on several years ago with Hall’s Construction under the direction of Mark Hartley, this particular Pavilion includes a lawn area and a special vegetable and herb garden constructed for the client. Included inside the main building is a bar area – with a small outdoor kitchen in a small nearby support building.  The whole area is adjacent to the tennis court and looks out to the water.

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